ignore underscore so chars do not subscript

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I am trying to play a movie where each frame has an associated file name. The file names are of the format "date_time_millisec.jpg" and I have them stored in a cell array. When I use the 'text' function in matlab to display the file name while playing the frame, it uses the '_' as a subscript command. So for example the file name is
and this is what I want it to print as, but what it actually prints as is
20150314(subscript 1)85023(subscript 3)04.
(bear with me, this app does not allow the formatting of subscripts)
I am calling the function like this where frames{i} is the ith file name in my cell array 'frames'
Is there a way to force Matlab to print the underscore as an underscore instead of using it as a command to subscript?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 18 Mar 2015
In the text function, specify the name-value pair 'Interpreter','none' to keep the underscores.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 18 Mar 2015
I just thought of another (but less convenient) way:
text(0.2,0.3, 'Filename: data\_1.mat')
Putting a backslant (\) in front of the underscore will work as well, but the backslant has to be inserted in the script, possibly using the strrep function.

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