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How do I make a system to add and delete tabs in a GUI with App Designer?

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I am trying to add a tab system to my GUI where a menu button will allow you to add new tabs. Deleting tabs is simple with the delete() function, I can't figure out how to add buttons. I used the following callback to try to add them, but I get the error "Unrecognized property 'new_tab' for class 'tab_test'."
function AddTabMenuSelected(app, event)
app.new_tab = uitab(app.TabGroup);
app.new_tab.Title = "New tab";
I have been building this with App Designer using callbacks.
Does anyone know how to go about implementing this, or know if this is even possible?

Answers (1)

Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 16 Nov 2022
This is because in app designer you need to define the property names before you can use them in the code. I would suggest you add the property new_tabs first before calling it in code. You also have issues around managing adding and deleting multiple tabs. While you use new_tabs as a cell array of tabs, you will need to manage how do you keep track of tabs and whether they are deleted.


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