Sorting a matrix based on another matrix

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I have a csv file with the first two columns being names of individuals and their teams (both of which are strings) and the rest of the columns being a bunch of performance numbers (integers). I used readtable to import the data as it contained both strings and numbers. This is a 20x8 table called 'drivers'.
I then split the table into a 20x2 cell array called 'driver_names' for the names and teams, and a 20x6 double called 'driver_data' for the numbers.
I then did a few different operations on driver_data. What I need to do next is sort both driver_names and driver_data based in ascending order based on one column of driver_data but I'm not able to figure out how to do this.
Parts of the code are as such:
drivers = readtable("Drivers.csv","NumHeaderLines",1);
for j = (1:size(drivers,1))
driver_names(j,1:2) = drivers{j,1:2};
driver_data(j,:) = drivers{j,3:size(drivers,2)};
For now, I have sorted driver_data like this:
driver_data = sortrows(driver_data,2)
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Stephen23 on 28 Nov 2022
Simpler without the loop:
driver_names = drivers{:,1:2};
driver_data = drivers{:,3:end};

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 28 Nov 2022
[driver_data,idx] = sortrows(driver_data,2);
driver_names = driver_names(idx,:);
Stephen23 on 28 Nov 2022
The second output of SORTROWS is explained here:
Indexing is explained here (and other places):
The code sorts DRIVER_DATA exactly as you did, obtains the sort index, and uses that index to sort the rows of DRIVER_NAMES. Indexing is one of MATLAB's super powers, you need to learn how to use it.

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