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Share standalone application (.Exe) with Database

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I am creating an app with MATLAB appdesigner. The app connects to MS database Access file. I use the Database explorer app to connect the database (setting up connection, username, password).
From app, I call: conn = database('DBNew','',''); which calls the connection DBNew which I setup with database explorer app.
I want to share this app, the connection (DBNew) connects the database file on my computer. If I share to someone, they will have to setup the connection again with file location to their computer, using the Database Explorer app.
The best thing about the sharing the standalone program (.exe) is that the app can be used by any used even without MATLAB. If someone doesn't have matlab, how can they setup the database connection?
Can you please help me find a way to include the database connection in the app package only (maybe through code lines), so one can simply connect when they run the app.
I am new to this, I tried to be clear with my words. Please ask me anything if you have confusion about my question ( Thank you for your help.
Deepak Kumar

Answers (1)

Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 29 Nov 2022
I think the best solution for you will be to use the Matlab SQLite Interface for the database. This does not require users setting up external connections and would therefore be easier for the end users to run. To get started you can explore the link below for more details.


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