Data points in an imaginary grid cell

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Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte on 29 Nov 2022
Commented: Ricardo Duarte on 29 Nov 2022
Dear all,
I have a list of data points in two dimensions that correspond to the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of my vessels. Then there is also a third variable, connected to each vessel position, that corresponds to time.
Now I want to define an imaginary grid and plot those vessels into a plot, but instead of plotting all points/vessels I just want identify the cells that have vessels and consider one equivalent vessel in those grid cells during a specific period of time (let’s say one hour).
I'm a bit lost on this. Thank you in advance for your help.
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte on 29 Nov 2022
Dear Voss thank you for your help in this issue.
In fact the data I've attached before was just a short part of my dataset and thats why the plot is so "empty" (the entire dataset has +/- 50000 lines)
Well, regarding your question. I want to create a rectangular grid in order to identify how many vessels will "fall inside" each cell. When I have the information about how many vessels exists in each cell I want to condensate those that have similar time.
Hope this help to turn my problem a bit more clear.
Thank you.

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