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webread could not be determined IP adress

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Julio Castro
Julio Castro on 13 Dec 2022
Answered: Nikhil on 19 Dec 2022
I'm having since two weeks problems using webread to get data from an URL. I can open the URL using the MATLAB browser, but if I use webread doesn't works and show the code :
Error using webread (line 122)
The IP address of "" could not be determined.
Previously it worked without problems. this happens for any url read.
Nikhil on 13 Dec 2022
Hi Julio, check this link once. Might help.
Also, one thing that I have noticed from my end is webread is not working for me if I set the protocol to http, but the same thing works fine with https.
You could try the above thing as well and let me know
Julio Castro
Julio Castro on 14 Dec 2022
Thank you very much !!
it worked using:
options = weboptions( 'CertificateFilename' , '' " );
webread(url, options)
I've tried both https and http, and it worked both ways.

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Nikhil on 19 Dec 2022





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