Graphical Card Warning while using volume viewer app

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Hi, I am using volume viewer app of Matlab extensively to visualize my 3d data. However, every now and then I see that I get the following warning, How can this be avoided?
"the graphic card on your computer encountered an issue during rendering. consider freeing up graphics on your machine"

Accepted Answer

Amey Waghmare
Amey Waghmare on 18 Jan 2023
As per my understanding, you are receiving a warning that ‘The graphics card on your computer encountered an issue during rendering’.
The warning is often a result of an outdated graphics driver, older graphics hardware or the graphics hardware might have run out of memory. To resolve these issues, try the following options.
  • Upgrade your Graphics Hardware Drivers to the latest version provided by the graphics hardware vendor.
  • Choose a Renderer Implementation for your system.
  • Fix out of memory issues by using smaller figure windows, turn off anti-aliasing or use Software OpenGL.
Please refer to the following documentation for more details regarding the above options,
I hope this resolves the issue.

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