Data vectors with different time intervals

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Simon on 25 Mar 2015
Answered: Chris McComb on 25 Mar 2015
Hi, I am working with data vector that have different lengths due to the difference in time interval:
(1) Temperature data (T) - this is at hourly intervals;
(2) Moisture Content data (MC) - this is at 5 min intervals.
I need to apply a correction factor to MC. This factor is a function of T (i.e. MC_Uncorrected +(20-T) * (0.526-0.052*MC_Uncorrected + 0.00136*MC_Uncorrected^2).
Does anybody know how I can do this when the intervals are different?

Answers (1)

Chris McComb
Chris McComb on 25 Mar 2015
You should interpolate the temperature data. You can do this using a variety of methods, which you can find here. I'd recommend using cubic splines, as these will give you a smooth curve that is guaranteed to go through the existing data points.


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