how to set the scaling factor for the MPC block

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Hi, everyone! I am using the MPC block to design a control system. I have a simple question, how to calculate the scaling factor for the MV or OV? The OV changes from 293 to 363 and the MV changes from 0.001 to 800, should I calculate the factor by max value - min value or just use the max value? Thanks for your help.

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Amey Waghmare
Amey Waghmare on 18 Jan 2023
Edited: Amey Waghmare on 18 Jan 2023
As per my understanding, you want to set the ‘Scaling factor’ for the manipulated variable and the output variable in the MPC block, but not sure of which value should be set.
The scale factor should be equal (or approximate) to the span of the variable. The span of the variable is the difference between its maximum and minimum values, in units of measure of plant model. So, the ‘Scaling factor’ should be calculated as (max-min).
Please refer to the following documentation for more details regarding the scale factor,
I hope the above information resolves the query .

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