Plotting Graph using data stored in Properties ( in App Designer

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I am trying to run this app where it outputs two plots in the same graph. I have stored x,y, and z as data in the private property and called it in the callback function when pressing the button to plot. I know I can just have all the steps into one function and there is no need for a property but it is important that I store all the data x,y, and z in property for the project I am working on. The error I get when running the code is 'Warning: Ignoring extra legend entries.' Is there any way to fix this issue. I am able to read the title and axis labels on the plot but then I get this error and it wont plot the actual graph.

Accepted Answer

Voss on 6 Feb 2023
In Button2Pushed, x, y, and z should be app.x, app.y, app.z.

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