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How to save multiple polynomial to solve in MATLAB app designer?

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Im trying to create an app that will solve polynomials, but first I need to input polynomials, I should be able to input as many polynomials and solve them.

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Nikhil on 22 Feb 2023
MATLAB has a function which will solve polynomials. You can have a look at this page for the function.
Coming to your question, I assume that you want to send multiple polynomials at once and solve them. The function above takes a row vector as an input and returns a column vector by solving the polynomial.
As you need to solve multiple polynomials, you can send in a matrix as an input, where each row represents the coefficents of the polynomial.
Now, write a for loop to iterate over the rows of matrix and call the above function on each row and you get your output.
Hope this helps.


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