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Read feeds from thingspeak by my iotbit

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Naim Slama
Naim Slama on 28 Mar 2023
Commented: Naim Slama on 10 Apr 2023
hi all i want to read feeds from thingspeak channel using my iotbit 1.6 version.
please can you help me to find solution using makecode or micropython thx in advance for any help yours trully Naim Slama tunisian computer science engineer and robotic teacher
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 10 Apr 2023
You should be able to use the send http request to build a request for ThingSpeak. You can use the ThingSpeak doc I linked above to get the correct format. I thought I saw some sketches where there was a read ThingSpeak block in the microbit code, but I dont have the hardware or any experiecne with it.
Can you clarify what the hardware is by the way? Is it a microbit?
Naim Slama
Naim Slama on 10 Apr 2023
yes i use microbit insterted into the last one contain wifi module and with it we can connect to thingspeak.... look here

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