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When do I expect to get support for .mcap rosbag files?

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I am developing applications for embedded targets, part of which is to record bagfiles and replay them offline. Currently, I can work with .db3 bag files, but I am wondering if you plan to support .mcap formats as well.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Apr 2023
Mathworks seldom talks about future plans in public. You should contact your Mathworks Sales person to ask for a Non Disclosure Agreement discussion of this matter.

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Accepted Answer

Karthik Reddy Vennapureddy
Hi Andinet,
rosbag2 files with "MCAP" format are not yet available for use with MATLAB or Simulink in ROS Toolbox. They are on our radar. So keep an eye on future releases for this feature.
Karthik Reddy
Avishay Assayag
Avishay Assayag on 26 Sep 2023
Is there any news about MATLAB rosbag2 files with "MCAP" format, now with the release of R2023b?
Karthik Reddy Vennapureddy
Hi Avishay,
In R2023b, ROS Toolbox does not support reading/writing MCAP bag files into MATLAB/Simulink. This feature is on our radar. You can track future releases for this feature.
Karthik Reddy

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