Mark tunable ALL parameters of an S-Function

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chef13 on 31 Mar 2015
Edited: chef13 on 13 Nov 2015
Dear all,
I have a block with certain parameters and I want to have all of them as tunable when I generate my S-Function corresponding to the aforementioned. Because I am generating an S-Function really often I would like to know if there is a way I can use to MARK ALL the parameters as tunable without the need to go to click on every one of them (imagine I have 10 parameters and all the time I need to click 10 times, it is really annoying).
Thanks for the support.

Answers (2)

chef13 on 13 Nov 2015
Edited: chef13 on 13 Nov 2015

Mathworks is not listening.

I did a solution by myself.

If you are interested you can find it here :


chef13 on 24 Jul 2015
It is incredible that this feature is still not implemented in MATLAB. It is really boring everytime to click on all the parameters to make them tunable.
Someone can help ?


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