how to check the contents of the variables?

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While the program is running, how can I check the contents of the variables declared in the program? Looking for your reply.

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Naz on 27 Oct 2011
don't put the semi column after the statement
and you will get the expression in Command Window:
>> 5
Jan on 27 Oct 2011
Does "see values in the workspace" mean in the workspace browser? Does this make sense, when the program is running and the value is changing frequently? Setting a debugger breakpoint seems to be a good idea.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 27 Oct 2011
When the program is paused, you may be able to see the content in the Workspace Browser.
It again depends on your application. You are asking multiple simple sounding questions, but they need a context to give you a good solution.
Maybe, it is the most efficient and effective way for everybody to make a call together with your supervisor and Technical Support?

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Nov 2011
If your program is actively running and not paused for keyboard input (or the debugger), there is no way to examine variables in any of the workspaces. The command window will not execute commands while the program is running, and there is no mechanism in MATLAB to pause execution "where-ever the program happens to be now".
The closest you can get to this is to create a graphic button whose callback sets a variable that your code examines, with the code calling keyboard() or setting a breakpoint to give the user a chance to poke around.


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