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Read individual cells from excel and write into excel

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I have several hundred excel sheets with three cells (B7, G11, D56) of text I'd like to write into one combined excel file.
I tried using the -1 signifier to select the multiple cells but it only wrote the first cell I selected into the new file.
[~,txt] = xlsread(['sourcefile.xls'],-1);
x= txt;
The source files are not named in any sort of series so I know I will probably need a copy of this with every source file name listed but i'm not sure (A) how to write multiple cells or (B) how to indicate their destination in a way that doesn't overwrite the rows.
Thanks in advance!

Answers (1)

Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 9 Oct 2023
Try this
files = dir("*.xlsx");
idx = contains({}, "~"); % removes open Excel files from list
files(idx) = [];
numFiles = numel(files);
filePath = cell(numFiles, 1);
data = cell(numFiles, 3);
for i = 1 : numFiles
filePath{i} = fullfile(files(i).folder, files(i).name);
data{i, 1} = readmatrix(filePath{i}, "Range", "B47:B47");
data{i, 2} = readmatrix(filePath{i}, "Range", "G11:G11");
data{i, 3} = readmatrix(filePath{i}, "Range", "D56:D56");
excelData = [filePath, data];
writecell(excelData, "output.xlsx")




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