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Sphere into equal parts

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Abhinendra on 10 Nov 2011
Dear all, I am trying to divide a sphere into equal parts. By equal part I mean, so that into parts, such that the area subtended by every solid angle is equal. Basically its a sphere with unit radius and I want to discretize the \theta and \phi such that I divide the sphere as explained above.
Can someone please help me on this? I would be highly interested in discussing this problem further.
Regards Abhi...

Answers (3)

Jonathan on 10 Nov 2011
If there are no restrictions on how to divide the sphere, then you can slice it like an orange.

Vito on 11 Nov 2011
The sphere consists of graphic primitives, smallest of which – a triangle. In 3D modeling it use for surface creation. Begin for example with octahedrona. Then to icosahedron. And further reducing the size of a triangle. Discretize level define for itself.

Jonathan on 14 Nov 2011
I believe what you are looking for can be accomplished with this item ( FEX #28277 ) from the file exchange.

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