Can the React App trigger 2 thinghttp requests simultaneously?

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I have created a Thinghttp request that can send me a topic message (a notification) to my Flutter Application when a certain condition is met. I'm using Firebase Cloud Messaging for this to work. This request is triggered by the React App. I also want to save this topic to a database in Firebase, because I want to show the notification history in my application, by retrieving these topics from the database using API. Can I send 2 requests simultaneously, one to my app and one to the firebase database to store these topics? If not, can you suggest ways to achieve this?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 23 Feb 2024
Use React to trigger MATLAB analysis, then you can write many actions in the code. webwrite and webread should let you intereact with most external APIs. You could even trigger thingHTTP from the MATLAB analysis, though you shouldnt need to.


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