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converting 3d matrix into a cell array

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I have a 3D matrix (1001x 259x 259) and want to convert to a cell array (1x1001) in which each cell array has 259x259 matrix (2D matrix). Could anyone help?
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AT_HYZ on 22 Mar 2024
I tried the below code from this forum
Mycell = num2cell(Mymatrix,[2 3]);
But I want the 2D matrix inside each cell array.

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Accepted Answer

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 22 Mar 2024
@AT_HYZ, change the dimensions and use the above transformation -
abc = rand(1001,259,259);
%Shift dimensions
Mymatrix = shiftdim(abc, 1);
%Check size
ans = 1x3
259 259 1001
%Use num2cell
Mycell = num2cell(Mymatrix,[1 2]);
ans = 1x3
1 1 1001
%Change the size of the cell array as required
Mycell = reshape(Mycell, 1, 1001);
%Check the size of data inside a cell element
ans = 1x2
259 259

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 22 Mar 2024
Edited: James Tursa on 22 Mar 2024
x = rand(1001,259,259);
result = arrayfun(@(k)squeeze(x(k,:,:)),1:size(x,1),'uni',false);
ans = 1x2
1 1001
ans = 1x2
259 259
But, be advised that for matrix manipulation it might be better to keep this data as a 3D array with dimensions 259x259x1001 (i.e., permute(x,[2 3 1])) so that you can take advantage of the page functions like pagemtimes, pagemldivide, etc.


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