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How I can solve error in local_scaling function from Weaclim toolbox?

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When I use local_scaling function from weaclim toolbox, I get a warning message:
Warning: Size vector should be a row vector with integer elements.
> In copy at 20
In local_scaling at 34
Error using reshape
Size arguments must be real integers.
Error in copy (line 21)
Error in local_scaling (line 34)
The mod and obs are the modeled and obsrved precipitation values in 3D matrices in function of longitude, latitude and days (464x201x10957) from 1961.01.1 to 1990.12.31. The seas3 is a 360 long vector which contains the months (e.g 31,28,31,30,….31) during the 30 years.
Could someone write me what I made wrong and what I should to do?

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