How to publish full uitable to html/pdf

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Bris on 4 May 2015
Commented: Bris on 11 May 2015
I just recently started experimenting with uitables and publishing results.
The problem is that I have a large uitable (96 x 8) and want to publish it to either html or PDF (maybe both in the long run). But the table is so large that the figure containing the table cannot show the whole table unless you scroll around. So when publishing the result, it only includes a picture of the figure with the scroll bar locked, which means that only half the table is visible in the output. (It should be said that the figure positions are set equal to the extent of the table)
Any ways to show the whole table?
Thanks in advance!

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Nalini Vishnoi
Nalini Vishnoi on 6 May 2015
Edited: Nalini Vishnoi on 6 May 2015
Hi Bris,
The functionality of publishing/printing scrollable 'uitables' is currently not available in MATLAB.
As a workaround, pull the data from the table using 'get(h,'Data')'. Then save the data to a file using dlmwrite, xlswrite, or the lower level function fprintf. This file can then be opened in another program and printed.
For details on how to programmatically print a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, see this web page.
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Bris on 11 May 2015
Hi Nalini,
Thank you for your answer.
As for the workaround, I have written the table to Excel and then printed the table to a PDF file. Now I just don't know how to include that pdf in the publication. (I am not sure if PDF is the best choice of file format, but in this way I was sure to keep any color formating of cells that I decided to add now that I had to use Excel anyway.)
Hope you have time to answer this question as well.

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