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Regarding the Actxserver spec

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open_file = Activate.Workbooks.Open(fullfile(pwd, 'DD.xlsx'),0,false)
In the above expression what does 0 and false indicates?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 13 May 2015
Assuming that before the line you've shown there is a line:
Activate = actxserver('Excel.Application'); %And what a misleading variable name!
Then Open is an excel function. The whole excel interface is very well detailed by Microsoft. For example, this is the page about Open. On there you learn, that
  • 0 means do not update link in the workbook
  • false means do not open workbook as readonly
Since these are the default values anyway, they could just as well be omitted. It would make more sense since none of the other optional values are specified:
open_file = Activate.Worbooks.Open(fullfile(pwd, 'DD.xlsx')); %would do the same.

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