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Using Files from File Exchange

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J Shaw
J Shaw on 19 Nov 2011
Hi All! I'm a bit new to Matlab, so sorry for the question. Anyway, I found a file in the File Exchange that I would like to use. Where do I need to download it to, and how do I use it once its downloaded?
Thanks in Advance!

Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Nov 2011
There's a big blue button on the upper right of the page. Click it and save it to any folder you want. You might want to create a new folder just for that File Exchange entry. Then in MATLAB, set the current folder to wherever you downloaded it to and open the file in the editor and see what is says to do. The well written files will have some usage examples at the beginning of the m-file.
Jan on 19 Nov 2011
Instead of setting the current folder, you can use the functions "pathtool" or "addpath" to add the parent folder of the downloaded function to Matlab's searchpath. See in "help addpath" and "help path" for further descriptions.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Nov 2011
Yeah, you can do that too. I just like to have the list of files that are in the folder of the file I'm working on off to the left. If you don't then if you don't specify the full path and you save something you'll end up saving to a folder that is not where your file is, which can be confusing so I don't do that. I always specify the full path, as suggested in the FAQ: so that problem wouldn't apply to me but I can see that novices who never pay attention to the folder where things get stored could be confused by it.

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Scragmore on 19 Nov 2011
Whats the file you have found? Would help with providing an Ans for you.


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