Saving as EMF messes up my labels and ticks

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Good day,
I need to save some figures in ".emf" format (best quality & rescaling). The problem is with the label text and with axes ticks, they get shifted in the printed(saved) version. This is a simple example of a figure:
x = -pi:pi/10:pi;
y = tan(sin(x)) - sin(tan(x));
xlabel('This text should be centered');
ylabel('This text should be centered');
title('This text should be centered');
Bellow you can see the figure saved as .jpg, and then as .emf:
As you can see is the second picture (.emf) the labels and ticks are shifted. I would be grateful if anyone could help me solve this issue. Thank you !

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Nalini Vishnoi
Nalini Vishnoi on 19 May 2015
Edited: Nalini Vishnoi on 19 May 2015
Hi Calin,
Are you using MATLAB R2014b? This is a known issue with printing or saving to the EMF format in MATLAB R2014b. It appears that sometimes, saving the figure to a FIG file, restarting MATLAB, opening the FIG file and printing it resolves the issue.
Another work around for this issue is to use "print" command twice as shown in the following lines of code:
>> figHandle = figure;
>> figData = magic(4);
>> plot(figData);
>> legend('Data 1','Data 2','Data 3','Data 4','Location','north');
>> print dmeta;
>> print (figHandle,'-dmeta','-painters','-r864','dataFigure');
I would also suggest to try it in MATLAB R2015a. The EMF file came out correctly for me in the newer version of MATLAB (R2015a). I hope this helps!
Nalini Vishnoi
Nalini Vishnoi on 20 May 2015
You are very welcome! I am glad that the suggestion worked!

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Maksym Girnyk
Maksym Girnyk on 16 Feb 2016
A rather silly solution that works for me is to just open an arbitrary fig-file in Matlab. After this printing to an emf-file works as it should, until I close Matlab again.

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