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Matlab and Qt

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I’m wonder if you can help me. I want to create an Qt interface to Matlab standalone application.
I don't know if it is practical, but I want to create beautiful IDEs and use Matlab functions
Probably, I should compile m files first.
I didn’t found credible information in websites or blogs about this. How can I start?


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Accepted Answer

Mark Mikofski
Mark Mikofski on 29 Aug 2012
  • Don't use MATLAB, use Python instead.
  • PyQt is a Qt binding for Python.
  • Numpy, Scipy & Matplotlib give you all of the functionality that MATLAB does and more.
  • Download and install python(x,y) for a quick start-up solution that is equivalent to MATLAB. It comes with Python, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, PyQt and Spyderlib (a MATLAB-like IDE) and many more packages that you will most likely need, all preconfigured to work together out-of-the-box.


Marco Esteves
Marco Esteves on 30 Aug 2012
Thanks for your answer. However, I'm already using Python, but I had a problem. I cannot use the ode solver of numpy like ode from matlab. I'm electronic engineer, sometimes I need to use the space system approach, and the ode of numpy doesn't support.
Mark Mikofski
Mark Mikofski on 30 Aug 2012
but you should be able to call matlab from python no?

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 22 Nov 2011
I don't know enough about Java and QT to know if you can get a QT interface.

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Marco Esteves
Marco Esteves on 24 Nov 2011
Thanks for the tip.
But, my objective is use Qt as main interface to "command" a compiled (in exe or lib) matlab program!

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