using MATLAB to send email through Outlook

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John on 2 Jun 2015
Commented: John on 3 Jun 2015
I need to use MATLAB to send emails of reports using Outlook 2010.
I cannot use sendmail. My SMTP server in the building requires authentication, and users cannot access the server directly, per IT. Bummer...
I did find one that works, but it uses a personal email to do it, and I don't want to run into problems with sending work info through personal email.
It can be found here under the "Once again the attached code." link towards the bottom of the page :
I've also tried to use ActiveX, but I cannot find one that works. Is this because of not being allowed to connect to my SMTP server at work? Examples of what I've tried:
Does anyone have any ideas that I could try? I appreciate any help!
John on 3 Jun 2015
Anyone got any tips I could try? Is it possible for me to use ActiveX to connect MATLAB to Outlook if I cannot authenticate to the SMTP server? Or should I try another way?

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