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Change appearance of States and subsystems in Simulink

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Hello all,
Subsystems in simulink and states in stateflow are colored with gradient background:
is there a way to remove it? when I want to create an image for documentation it adds undesired "clutter" to the document.

Accepted Answer

Alexander Wille
Alexander Wille on 13 Jul 2015
Unfortunately, there is no option to achieve such a 'flat' display of states, without the gradient. That indeed is a gap in the formatting options, as the following properties of Stateflow.Chart-objects allow customizing all other colors:
  • StateColor
  • StateLabelColor
  • TransitionColor
  • TransitionLabelColor
  • JunctionColor
  • SelectionColor
  • ChartColor
  • ErrorColor
Would you consider filing a feature request in the ticket system?
moshe on 13 Jul 2015
Couldn't find the ticket system, only bug report, which seems unsuitable for feature requests.
Alexander Wille
Alexander Wille on 21 Jul 2015
Have you tried That is the most prominent way for a feature request. That will most certainly not make it into 2015b, but the feature you request seems to make sense to me. May be the devs will like it, too!

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Yu Jiang
Yu Jiang on 18 Jun 2015
Edited: Yu Jiang on 18 Jun 2015
For Simulink subsystems, you can create an empty mask for the block. Right click the block, go to "mask" -> "create mask".


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