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help using batch command

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Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris on 11 Jun 2015
Commented: Aarti Ghatkesar on 16 Jun 2015
I am having difficulty using the batch command, it returns errors no matter how simple a script or function I give it. For instance, I offer it a script containing nothing but
clear, clc, close all
and the error I get says the data is too large to be saved. Similarly I offer it an empty function with nothing but:
function emptyFunction
and the error I get says there are too many output arguments. Anyone have any ideas about what's going on?
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Aarti Ghatkesar
Aarti Ghatkesar on 16 Jun 2015
Hi Andrew
I created a script with just the statements 'clc; clear; close all' , named it as 'myscript.m , executed 'j=batch('myscript')' and it worked fine in MATLAB R2015a. Similarly, the empty function as argument did not give any issues. What is the version of MATLAB that you are using? Also, please post screenshots of the error messages obtained.

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