Read in file that has raw binary image data and an XML footer

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Justin Solomon
Justin Solomon on 14 Jun 2015
Commented: Ken Atwell on 14 Jun 2015
Hello, I need to read in data from a file that contains a large amount of raw binary image data (singles) followed by an XML footer. I can easily read in the image data (if I know the size of the array), but I'm not sure how to then proceed and read in the rest of the file in XML format. The xmlread() function needs a standalone XML file. My thought was to copy (bit by bit) the footer of the file into a temp file that would then be read by xmlread(). But I'm not quite sure how to do that copy just a part of a file into a new file. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 14 Jun 2015
You've got the right idea.
Since you know the size of the image, open the mixed image/XML file with fopen, then use fseek to position the reader just after the image. Then use fread to read the tail of the file. Write this text to a temporary file.
Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 14 Jun 2015
I'm not aware of any way to create a "file" that is a subset of another without actually copying the bits. xlmread takes a filename only and not a string or file handle and alternative sources of data, which would also eliminate the need for a temporary file.

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