How to plot dendrogram and stars for pair-wise significance levels in anova?

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In publications with ANOVA results, often one can find box plots with a dendrogram on top and 1 to 4 stars giving the significance levels of all pairwise comparisons: p-value ≤ 0.05 -> * 0.01 -> ** 0.001 -> *** 0.0001 -> ****
Is there a script to do this in matlab?

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Alberto on 18 Jun 2015
Something like this?
load carbig
X = [MPG Acceleration Weight Displacement];
[d,p,stats] = manova1(X,Origin);
Check documentation for use manovacluster
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Diemo Schwarz
Diemo Schwarz on 22 Mar 2016
Dear Alberto, thanks for your answer. It comes close! The height of the split points should be uniform (just to indicate grouping), and there should be a number of stars over the top split, indicating the significance. I'll see if I find an example in existing publications.

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