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mex setup .rvm resource temporarily unavailable

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Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris on 25 Jun 2015
Edited: Adam Hug on 30 Jun 2015
I am attempting to set up mex in Matlab to compile CUDA codes, and when I type
mex -setup
at the command line I get a long loop of statements saying variations of .rvm Resource temporarily unavailable, followed by fflush failed, standard output:Broken pipe for a few lines, and then back to statements about .rvm. I end up having to force quit Matlab, the command line won't respond to control-c. Anyone have any idea what's going on? I'm using Matlab R2015 and Mac OS X v 10.10.3

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Adam Hug
Adam Hug on 30 Jun 2015
Edited: Adam Hug on 30 Jun 2015
I'm not sure if you have seen the doc pages on mex with CUDA, but try following the steps given here:
It may be the case that something as simple as copying the .XML file will fix this. There may also be compatibility errors. All of this assumes that you have the Parallel Computing Toolbox installed as well.


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