Parameters of synchronous machine in Specialized Technology libraries

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Lingfei Shaun
Lingfei Shaun on 26 Jun 2015
When I fighting with synchronous machine model in powerlib, I found many variables (such as: SM.RLinv), and dont know where they are defined, and according to the answer of Kaustubha Govind & Arnaud Miege, I know they are calculated by powericon.
So I ran it manually just like Kaustubha Govind said, but it keeps telling me some variables are undefined, of course the values of parameters like TsPowergui (which type are edit) can be found in "Parameters & Dialog", but some cannot, such as Units, IterativeModel (which type is popup) and SetSaturation, MeasurementBus (which type is checkbox).
And I believe they all calculated by the file
and of course I cannot open it.
So please tell me how can I know the value of these parameters?
Thanks a lot !

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