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Importing data into MATLAB workspace with .RAW format

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I have a file (attached with the question) which is zipped and contains data. However, the file is in .raw format and I am not able to extract the data from it in the matlab work space using the following code:
% unzip the file
filename = ['Sheringham_Phase2_A2_20140101_0000_0010.RAW']
% Read the unzipped file
A = dlmread(['c:/test/',filename], ';', 2, 0);
disp([filename,' NOT AVAILABLE'])
% delete unzipped file
The error I get while reading the file is-
Mismatch between file and format string. Trouble reading 'Numeric' field from file (row number 60, field number 1) ==>
A way to solve this problem would be great?
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Ashish on 30 Jun 2015
If there is an alternate command to "dlmread", that shall also be useful.

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Answers (1)

Nalini Vishnoi
Nalini Vishnoi on 2 Jul 2015
Hi Ashish,
I understand that you would like to read RAW files in MATLAB. You will find the following links useful:
There is also a File Exchange submission (find link below) which implements RAW Camera file Reader:
I hope the above helps.


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