daily sun path plot

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IAN SAl on 3 Jul 2015
Answered: Meysam Mahooti on 26 May 2021
Dear Matlabers
I am trying to plot a sun path for a certain day, like yahoo weather sun path sketch see the link below please.
This plot should show the sunrise, noon and sunset positions + more thee sun positions. Also five different night hours (sun positions). on other words, i would like to plot 24 hours circle (sun path) including 5 different points in day time (positive y-axis) and 5 points during night time (negative y-axis).
for example; if the sunrise is 6:30 am it will be shown on (-6:30,0) and the sunset 19:14 the it will be located at (19:14 or 7:14,0), the noon will be (0,12). like this but for day and night
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IAN SAl on 10 Jul 2015
Any idea please??

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Meysam Mahooti
Meysam Mahooti on 26 May 2021


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