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DAQ in Simulink can't find NI 6211 USB

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Ivan Tikvic
Ivan Tikvic on 5 Jul 2015
Answered: Andrei on 10 Aug 2018
Data acquisition toolbox in Simulink can't find NI 6211 USB device. But DAQ tool in Matlab APPS find it without any problems. Using: Matlab 2015a 32bit, Windows 7 x64

Answers (3)

Shankar Subramanian
Shankar Subramanian on 6 Jul 2015
Hi Ivan,
Data Acquisition Toolbox Simulink blocks support only the legacy interface and that too only on 32-bit MATLAB. Perform daqhwinfo and see if nidaq is listed on it. Try to execute daqhwinfo('nidaq') and see if your device gets listed. If it does not, you may not be having 32-bit drivers installed.
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Ivan Tikvic
Ivan Tikvic on 6 Jul 2015
Hi Shankar,
I tried to perform daqhwinfo and daqhwinfo('nidaq') and it wrote "No nidaq adaptors are installed.". I'm 100% sure that I have installed 32-bit Matlab.

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Fabrizio Gaspari
Fabrizio Gaspari on 20 Apr 2016
Hello Ivan, I have the same problem! Did you solve it?

Andrei on 10 Aug 2018
64-bit Simulink blocks from Data Acquisition Toolbox are available since MATLAB R2016b:


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