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how to read ODX files

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lml on 8 Jul 2015
Answered: William R on 8 Dec 2017
Good Morning
i'm beginner on matlab and i need help to read ODX files with MATLAB, i don't have any other software (Canalyzer) except this one, so i've to use matlab to resolve this problem.
with regards Amine
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Ugur Keskin
Ugur Keskin on 21 Mar 2017
Interesting question!
Did you in the meantime solve this question? Or is there someone who can still answer this one?

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William R
William R on 8 Dec 2017
I am working on a solution for this. Using a script I can read the XML format of the ODX. I use the XML2Struct function for this. Then I go trough this struct to get all the elements out this struct and link information together were necessary.
The challenges I face are how to get the default, min and max value of the parameters from the ODX file (typically not stored in ODX). This I need because I want to save the ODX parameter data to a Simulink Data Dictionary.

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