I need an activation key to access Matlab online

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I am using Matlab (2009), and I need to use some options that aren't exist in this version. Therefore, I want to access Matlab online so that I can use Matlab (newest version) to do my work.
I don't have the activation key, are there any suggestions? Thank you all.

Accepted Answer

chef13 on 16 Jul 2015
MATLAB is not a free-of-charge software. You need to pay for it. If you are a student you could look here to buy a license which will allow you to select the basic components of MATLAB/SIMULINK and you can add more stuff to it (of course paying it).
Some universities have agreements with Mathworks and they provide students with free licenses.
Check on the website of your university, where they provide softwares for students, if they have also some version of Matlab.

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alonyenu treasure
alonyenu treasure on 7 Dec 2020
i need an actativation key


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