how to concatenate string and number

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Hello ,
I want to concatenate string and number in for loop
requestID = Req_Check;
for k = 1 : 10
requestID = requestID +1;
I am expecting requestID after for loop like Req_Check_1, Req_Check_2 ...Req_Check_10
How can I do this?
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Amir Moslemi
Amir Moslemi on 2 May 2021
use "strcat" such that in each iteration convert number to string by "num2str" and eventually strcat(s1,s2). s1 your str and s2 your number(converted to string)

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 30 Jul 2015
Two (of perhaps many) possibilities:
requestIDs = 'Req_Check';
for k = 1 : 10
requestID(k,:) = [requestIDs '_' num2str(k,'%02d')]; % Character Array
requestIDs = 'Req_Check';
for k = 1 : 10
requestID{k} = [requestIDs '_' num2str(k,'%d')]; % Cell Array
The first creates a character array and produces a two-digit number filed so all are of equal length. The second uses a cell array, so the lengths don’t have to be equal.
Stephen23 on 31 Jul 2015
[D,S] = regexp('Req_Check_10','\d+','match','split')

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cesar silva
cesar silva on 18 Nov 2019
People like to make all complicated...
Concatenate 2 words
c=[a b]
Concatenate word + number
a = num2str(2)
b = 'you'
c = [b a] or... if you want... c = [b '_' a]
will give you: you2 or you_2
Daniel Posadas
Daniel Posadas on 13 Aug 2020
I'm agree with you, this one helped me out easy and fast... as a sofware engineer I hate when my programmers want to make simple things as if they were very elaborated, wasting resources. Thanks

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