How can I add 2D matrix to 3D one?

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Szabó-Takács Beáta
Szabó-Takács Beáta on 7 Aug 2015
Dear All, I would like to add 2D matrix (464x201) to 3D matrix (464x201x31). The matrices contain single elements. These matrices are stored in a cellarray {360,1}. I mean A {360,1} which contains 360 x 3D matrices and B {360,1} contains 360 x 2D matrices. I tried the following solution, but I am not sure, that it is correct. Firstly I converted the cellarrays to 4D matrix with
M = cat(4,A{:}) and
N = cat(4,B{:}).
After that I used the element-by-element binary operation:
T = bsxfun(@plus, M, N).
Could you inform me if it is correct way or there is a better solution. Thank you for your response in advance!

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