Does MATLAB Answers provide RSS feeds?

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Wolfgang on 21 Jan 2011
When does MATLAB Answers get RSS support? I cannot linger all day on MATLAB Answers but I like the feature from where you can retrieve an RSS feed of questions asked about a specific topic, recognized by attached tags.

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Randy Souza
Randy Souza on 27 Jan 2011
We added two feeds this morning:
  1. A feed for all new questions. You can find this feed on the home page. If you click on a tag or a product, the feed will be scoped to new questions with that tag or product. For example, here's a feed of all questions tagged optimization, and a feed of all questions associated with the Database Toolbox.
  2. A feed for activity (answers and comments) one questions that you asked. You can find this feed on your profile page (click "My Questions" at the upper left of any page).
Sam G.
Sam G. on 28 Jan 2011
Love this feature. Thanks for adding it. I'll second the request for RSS feeds to questions you've answered, as well.

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