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String starting with letter 's' from cell array

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I have a cell array a = {'sa_dfa','soft_df1','sock_dd2','saz_dfa_d2','suu_f'}
How to extract only the string starting with letter 's' but need to exclude the string starting with soft and sock
so a = {'sa_dfa',[],[],'saz_dfa_d2','suu_f'}
How can I do this?
Thanks a lot

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 17 Aug 2015
As per Stalin's answer you can use strncmp and related with logical operators:
a(strncmp(a, 's', 1) & ~strncmp(a, 'sock', numel('sock')) & ~strncmp(a, 'soft', numel(sock)))
Or you can use a regular expression:
a(~cellfun(@isempty, regexp(a, '^s(?!ock|oft)')))
The above regular expression matches any string that starts with 's' not followed by 'ock' or 'oft'.

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