How I can remove orbital error from ROI-PAC result?

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I have been using ROI-PAC (Radar processing software)to process my SAR data. I produced unwrapped geocoded images. However I still need to remove orbital fringes which causes some problem for analyzing deformation.
I would be pleased if anyone knows how to remove orbital fringes using Matlab.
Thanks in advance.
Regards, Ruken

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Brian Neiswander
Brian Neiswander on 20 Aug 2015
I understand that you would like to remove orbital fringes from unwrapped SAR data. This really depends on the nature of the deformations that you are trying to analyze. Orbital phase error can usually be characterized by its long spatial wavelength. If this wavelength is distinct from the deformations, then it should be relatively easy to remove the orbital error using a linear detrending or high-pass filtering scheme. Note that whatever technique you use, there will always be some residual error.
A more complicated approach is to use the orbital phase information to correct the satellite trajectories, which can then be used to eliminate the error.
You may also want to check with the ROI-PAC team to see if they have any further suggestions.
Ruken on 26 Aug 2015
Hi Brain,
Thanks for your help.
I found a way to do it. However I guess it is not very effective to use detrend.

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