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mex -setup doesn't seem to find my compilers?

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David Doria
David Doria on 9 Dec 2011
I am trying to set mex to use gcc4.4 (my system default is 4.6, but I also have installed the 4.4 package). I read that 'mex -setup' is supposed to give you a list of available compilers. (from mex -help - "The -setup option causes MEX to search for installed compilers and allows you to choose an options file as the default for future invocations of MEX."). However, when I run 'mex -setup', I only see the option to copy the original file:
doriad@david-lab:~/.matlab/R2011b$ ~/bin/matlab/bin/mex -setup
Options files control which compiler to use, the compiler and link command
options, and the runtime libraries to link against.
Using the 'mex -setup' command selects an options file that is
placed in /home/doriad/.matlab/R2011b and used by default for 'mex'. An options
file in the current working directory or specified on the command line
overrides the default options file in /home/doriad/.matlab/R2011b.
To override the default options file, use the 'mex -f' command
(see 'mex -help' for more information).
The options files available for mex are:
1: /home/doriad/bin/matlab/bin/ :
Template Options file for building gcc MEX-files
0: Exit with no changes
Enter the number of the compiler (0-1):
Can anyone tell me how to get it to find my different gcc compilers and ask me which one to use?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 9 Dec 2011
What is the version of your MATLAB and what is your operating system. If you search your document (doc mex), you'll be able to find a link that tells you what compilers are supported. Or you can try this link to see if you can find the one corresponding to your version and OS.
Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 9 Dec 2011
David: Yes, mex -setup will only find supported compilers.

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