How can i use MLToolbox MeteoLab?

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Szabó-Takács Beáta
Szabó-Takács Beáta on 28 Aug 2015
Commented: TA SAMUEL on 13 May 2016
Dear All,
I downloaded MLToolbox_R2013 which contains Meteolab according to
When I run
script in MeteoLab toolbox I got the following message:
To save the configuration, remember to save the path
I do not understand what it is mean? When I try load a domain data from Iberia_NCEP by:
I got the folowing error:
Error using getZonePath (line 8)
Directory Iberia_NCEP cannot be found in path Iberia_NCEP nor c:\Users\Beata\Documents\MATLAB \MLToolbox_R2013\MeteoLab/../PatternsData/
Error in readDomain (line 24)
Could someone write me what I should to do to use MLToolbox?
Thank you for your help in advance!
TA SAMUEL on 13 May 2016
Hy all and Szabó-Takács Beáta !!!
i'm Samuel, I would like use MLToolbox. How can I download the toolboox ?
I allready repositioned but i haven't asses to login session to get username and pass word
Please nice person to help me !!!!
please send me the MLToolboox file by email at

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