Plant model

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RAJKUMAR Palaniappan
RAJKUMAR Palaniappan on 3 Mar 2011
Answered: PIRC on 31 Oct 2016
I have set of input variables and also have the output, using that a neural network was developed and i want to further extend this to a neural network predictive model. For that i want to develop a plant model using the simulink in matlab can any one help me in developing a plant model. i have 8 input parameters and one output, my system should predict a suitable input parameter value if the system input is not the best, even suggest me if there is some other way to develop such system
thanking you

Accepted Answer

Mark Hudson Beale
Mark Hudson Beale on 19 Apr 2011
The function GENSIM converts a neural network once it has been trained in MATLAB into an equivalent Simulink block diagram.
Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 8 Oct 2015
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PIRC on 31 Oct 2016
use the below nftool toolbox for training the NN and create the simulink block for your NN model.

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