How to download a file from NOAA server?

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I tried to download a text file from NOAA server using this code:
mw = ftp('');
mget(mw, 'ghcnd-stations.txt');
After taking a while to run it, I got the next error: Error using ftp/mget (line 106) File "ghcnd-stations.txt" not found on server.
Then, I modified the last line with:
mget(mw, 'ghcnd-stations.txt', 'pub/data/ghcn/daily');
and later with:
mget(mw, 'pub/data/ghcn/daily', 'ghcnd-stations.txt');
But, there is still an error.
Any guidance is appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Sep 2015
mw = ftp('');
cd(mw, 'pub/data/ghcn/daily');
files_stored_as = mget(mw, 'ghcnd-stations.txt');
Now you can process the downloaded file, whose full stored location is in files_stored_as{1}

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