What are the answers to the Associate Exam Practice Questions?

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Dan Haugen
Dan Haugen on 13 Oct 2015
Commented: Ahmed Hassan on 13 Oct 2020
I got c,b,c,b,a but I would like a confirmed answer. See: http://www.mathworks.com/services/training/certification/exam-questions.html
Guillaume on 11 Nov 2019
Why doesn't it make any logical sense? What code do you use to get the inner 2x2 matrix of a 4x6 matrix:
M(2:3, 3:4)
%which is the same as
M([2 3], [3 4])
which basically returns the intersection of rows 2 and 3 with columns 3 and 4. With the same logic,
M([1, end], [1, end])
is the intersection of 1st and last row with 1st and last column, hence the 4 corners.

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Answers (3)

Decky on 9 Apr 2018
I got C D C A D.

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David Verrelli
David Verrelli on 1 Feb 2016
The questions are more difficult than they might appear. After testing in MATLAB I could confirm the correct answers, and I recommend this practical approach to others. (And if you then don't understand why, then read the documentation on each command.) By my count the first Dan got 1/5, and the second Dan got 3/5.... —DIV

Daniel Chappell
Daniel Chappell on 14 Oct 2015
C - four corners, so four elements indexed B - number of positive elements divided by the total number of elements C - index with end, and set this element to blank A - x-axis appears as first argument (plot(time, acceleration) D - std(Z) is a column-wise (default) statistical function
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Helen Kirby
Helen Kirby on 22 Feb 2016
Re: the first one: Sounds logical, but actually doesn't work if you try that command out. The answer is A

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