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GUIDE created file will not run in MATLAB R2015a

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Hi, is there a known issue with files created with the GUIDE tool in either R2015a or OSX (or the combination)? I create a new GUIDE interface, save, and attempt to run, and MATLAB returns an undefined function error.

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Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris on 17 Oct 2015
It turns out, because the project is object oriented, the guide created function would not run within the class folder for my main object type. It runs now that I have moved it one folder up in the hierarchy.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Oct 2015
I have not heard of that problem.
Make sure that the name you use starts with a letter, followed by letters and digits and underscore, maximum 63 characters, with no spaces or dash or special characters. Also make sure that the directory that you save into is on your MATLAB path by using pathtool

Jan on 17 Oct 2015
Where did you save the file? Into a folder, which is included in the Matlab path? See addpath.


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