Out of memory error during insertion of data in database

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I am trying to establish database connectivity with MS Access in matlab using ODBC connection. Got success in connectivity. For first 2-3 times I got success in inserting data.Then i changed datatype of some of the fields of my table in MS access and accordingly changed query in matlab code, but now it is giving error ' out of memory' while inserting data. please help .
I have tried same again by creating another table in same database with 2 field. It is not giving error now inserting but giving same error when i am trying to execute 'Select * from t2' query.

Answers (1)

Chad on 7 Sep 2017
Responding to a 2 year old issue, but I can also replicate this issue. The problem comes when tables have varchar(max) as a column type. changing this to varchar(1000) fixes my issue, but opens up possible issues later on. Also switching to a JDBC connection while still using varchar(max) fixed the problem as well. Only the ODBC connection was an issue.

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