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Plugging in USB cameras with Image Acquisition Toolbox

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I am running a Simulink diagram where I occasionally have 2 cameras acquiring images. If I plug in the 2nd camera after I start Matlab or open the diagram, the blocks do not acknowledge that the 2nd camera is there. Can I somehow refresh the available cameras? Thanks.

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Shankar Subramanian
Shankar Subramanian on 16 Jan 2012
Hi John,
The device list will not update instantaneously in Simulink mask after you plug in the new camera. Basically the Simulink blocks populate the device name at the point the library is loaded and use the same list thereafter. When you plugin a new device, you have to reload the Image Acquisition Simulink Library. You have to close Simulink/all open models, clear classes and call imaqreset.
bdclose all % To close all open Simulink models.
clear classes
imaqreset % Reset hardware information and unload adaptor libraries
Now open Image Acquisition Simulink library either by launching simulink or calling imaqlib from command line.

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